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The AluStylepro Horse Jump Standards

Posted by H.KHATTAT Engineering Department Manager on 7/8/2015 to About Us

JumpsUSA.com is proud to introduce

our new double-wall PVC Horse Jump Standard Line:

The AluStylepro Horse Jump Standards.

The best Standard on the market !!!!!!

It has the strength, rigidity and durability of aluminum.

Without the maintenance, damage risk and the high priceā€¦.

It has the weight and structural properties of wood.

Without the maintenance, cracking, painting/staining and environmental impact.

Double-wall PVC makes it safe and maintenance Free.

Without the blowing over problem of light weight PVC. 40<50lbs.

 Only JUMPSUSA.com can offer this most advance line of Horse Jump Standard

 our engineer has worked for months to find ways to produce a Horse Jump

 Standard that combines all the advantages of all standards available

 on the market without the inconveniences!

Developing the AluStylepro line required our JumpsUSA engineer to re-invent the fabrication

 and assembly of the horse jump standard. We developed the patent pending Assembly Bracket System with a new, exclusive PVC screw and bracket with reinforced structural web

 that increases the stability and wall thickness up to 9mm at all the critical structural points.