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Jumpsusa.com Referral Review Loyalty Program

Posted by HK on 10/24/2015 to Sale Events
Our Referral Review Loyalty Program has as purpose to create an interactive relationship between Jumpsusa.com and our customers.

How it works?

Step 1: The customer should publish a review for the items he ordered on our website www.jumpsusa.com, on our page facebook "Jumpsusa Horsejumps" or on google + "JumpsUsa".
Then, he should refer a friend to order on jumpsusa.com.

Step 2: Your referred friend makes his order and puts on the comment case on the order your full name.

Step 3: Jumpsusa.com verifies if you are a previous customer and you have all the requirements mentionned below, if so, you will get 5% of the total order amount your friend made as a credit for your next order.  

1. The customer beneficiary has to be a rider, a trainer, owner or an organisation.
2. The customer has to be 18 years or older.
3. The customer has to publish a review for the items he ordered on our website www.jumpsusa.com, on our page facebook "Jumpsusa Horsejumps" or on google plus "Jumpsusa" with his full name.
4. Endorse jumpsusa.com products.

1. Get 5% of the total order amount your friend made as a credit for your next order.
2. Receive free new lauched products to use and give us your feedback.
3. Receive banners, brochures ... for jumpsusa.com.
4. Primary access to specials and discounts.

JumpsUSA & EquiDepot.com

Posted by PG on 8/9/2015
Great News ! 
On 08.01.2015 JumpsUSA.com and EquiDepot.com decide to murge and join their forces under JumpsUSA.com banner and website. Since 2009, Equidepot.com was one of the most dynamic Equestrian supplier for the Europeen market and it is very exciting for JumpsUSA.com to have EquiDepot.com as part of its team.
It is my great pleasure to welcome all Equidepot.com customers and friends to JumpsUSA world.
Philippe GAVET
Founder& CEO

The AluStylepro Horse Jump Standards

Posted by H.KHATTAT Engineering Department Manager on 7/8/2015 to Horse Jumps

JumpsUSA.com is proud to introduce

our new double-wall PVC Horse Jump Standard Line:

The AluStylepro Horse Jump Standards.

The best Standard on the market !!!!!!

It has the strength, rigidity and durability of aluminum.

Without the maintenance, damage risk and the high price….

It has the weight and structural properties of wood.

Without the maintenance, cracking, painting/staining and environmental impact.

Double-wall PVC makes it safe and maintenance Free.

Without the blowing over problem of light weight PVC. 40<50lbs.

 Only JUMPSUSA.com can offer this most advance line of Horse Jump Standard

 our engineer has worked for months to find ways to produce a Horse Jump

 Standard that combines all the advantages of all standards available

 on the market without the inconveniences!

Developing the AluStylepro line required our JumpsUSA engineer to re-invent the fabrication

 and assembly of the horse jump standard. We developed the patent pending Assembly Bracket System with a new, exclusive PVC screw and bracket with reinforced structural web

 that increases the stability and wall thickness up to 9mm at all the critical structural points. 

Jumps USA official supplier for The 114's Trophies International Horse Show Jumping

Posted by AG on 7/8/2012 to About Us

Jumps USA is proud to have been the official supplier at the 114's Trophies International Horse Show Jumping in Tunisia. Congratulations to all the winners at the show!

JumpsUSA, Leader in the horse jumps industry since 1995

Posted by JumpsUSA on 11/1/2009 to About Us
Welcome, JumpsUSA.com, The world leader in PVC Horse Jumps and Dressage Arenas. Started in 1995 JumpsUSA as been the innovator in the PVC Jumps Industries same with Dressage Arenas. Since we are the manufacturer, we control the quality of our products and we strive making sure you receive your order in a timely manner. We use the highest grade of PVC in all our Products meaning thicker material than most jumps companies. The reason why we started with PVC material used for our horse jumps and dressage arenas is; the finished quality look with the maintenance free aspect. Since our pvc horse jumps are made with a lightweight material, we are able to ship easily at a very competitive price which is why we are able to include shipping cost into our product price.